Published: January 19, 2018

UCCC JSD partnering with Meridian Health Services to help cultivate social and emotional skills within the school setting.

Each year when the school year starts, we are hopeful and excited for new success for each student. Often this success is measured in academic ways, but is impacted by so many other factors. We know each child, when given the right opportunity and experience will excel and develop tremendous educational skills.

Students who are emotionally and socially well rounded often have better success in not only school, but throughout all aspects of their lives.  Because of this, the Union County/College Corner Joint School District is entering into a partnership with Meridian Health Services to help cultivate these social and emotional skills within the school setting.

This partnership will focus on helping students:
  • Improve emotional regulation within social settings.
  • Improve focus on school subjects by practicing prosocial skills in the school setting.
  • Improve grades, attendance, and engagement by developing new skills to use in all life settings.
  • Improve emotional and social wellness by helping students to improve in their methods of communication.

In partnership with Meridian Health Services, we will be offering a collaborative approach to the infusion of Behavioral Health Services, and guidance counseling type services within all aspects of the school day.

This partnership will result in a Meridian Health Clinician present in LES, CCUS, and UCMS every school day beginning on January 29, 2018. Again, they will be there to serve as a guidance counselor type support staff member for our students. These individuals are four year college degreed individuals who have completed screenings and trainings through Meridian Health Services, similar to screening conducted for all UC-CC personnel. By way of our new partnership, these clinicians will be available to work with our students every day on a wide range of student needs.

As we all work together, Meridian Health Services may be reaching out to your family to help determine how we can collaborate together as a school, a family, and the Meridian partner, to help your student(s) best succeed within the school setting and beyond. Again, this partnership will begin on January 29, 2018 and continue throughout the school year and years to come. If you prefer that your student does not participate or interact with the Meridian personnel, this is not a problem. Please just notify your student’s respective school office staff in writing, and we will incorporate your wishes accordingly.

Please join us in this exciting, new partnership to help each and every student succeed through integrated skills development. We look forward to this great partnership and the opportunities that will be provided for our students.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school.


Union County/College Corner Joint School District and Meridian Health Services