Final Student Day Note

Published: May 24, 2019

Dear UCCC Family,

As we approach the end of our last student day together, it is with mixed emotions that I send you this note. Union County College Corner is a very special school system, and a very special community.

You have all worked tirelessly for the benefit of our children and our families this school year. Parents and caretakers have also worked extremely hard to partner with the school for the growth of their children. I could not have asked for a better group of students, families, and educators to serve as your leader (the entire UCCC Team are educators because you all care for kids regardless of your positon!).

In a previous letter to the School Board published in the newspaper I noted the excellent leadership, teaching staff, support staff, kids, and community that exist here. This is all a very genuine perspective I have about every single one of you! In that letter I noted that,

“It is rare to find a community of people that truly care for the greater good with very little desire for recognition. A community member said to me, ‘You know what makes Union County special? It is that a feather in one of our caps is a feather for all of our caps.’ This sentiment was well said and accurate. There truly is a sense in our community that we do not care who receives the credit as long as our children are reaping the rewards.”

Please, do not forget that we all were called to education to care for kids. To take them at whatever skill level they come to us with and to grow them into stronger, more conscientious students. And yes eventually, even young adults.

When I am gone, do not ever lose your care for kids. Never forget that your care for kids is the absolute most important aspect of a classroom, a school, a school system, and even an entire community. Children are precious and need to be treated as such. Even when their behavior is less than precious. It is in those moments when kids test us the most that I challenge you to look beyond their faults and look upon their needs. You must remember in that moment that circumstances beyond our control (and beyond the control of the child) are causing the current situation. But we have the unique opportunity to help them through their struggles with objectivity and expert educational, social, emotional techniques. Because you are all expert educators and have expert colleagues surrounding you. Lean on each other and champion those kids that need you the most, when they need you the most!

I am forever grateful for the opportunity the Board has given me here. I am also grateful for the wonderful teamwork from all of you. Including your support and the support of the entire community. Union County College Corner will forever hold a very special place in my heart and in the heart of my family. I noted my mixed emotions with sending this note because if it were not for the opportunity to return to my hometown, I would not be leaving all of you. And even in the midst of returning to my hometown, please know that deciding to leave UCCC has been the most difficult decision I have ever had to make for my own personal life.

Proudly, Yours in Education,

Christopher Winchell, UCCC Superintendent