Google FAQ

Gmail and G Suite for Education

As a benefit for our students, faculty, and staff, Union County College Corner Joint School District will be migrating to the Google G Suite for Education suite of programs this summer. This migration is mostly complete, the final parts are the switch to Gmail and Google Drive.   In addition to staff members having Google Accounts, all students will also have Google and Gmail accounts (more info on student email will be coming as we approach the start of school).

With this migration, we will benefit from the Google Suite of applications, including:

  • Google Gmail accounts. All staff will maintain their current e-mail address (such as 
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms
  • Google Slides
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Apps

Gmail and Google Calendar Training Resources

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Will my email address change?
    • No, your Gmail address is the same as your Microsoft Address.
  • Where will I go to access my school email?
    • There are many options here.
  • Will my contacts also transfer from Outlook to Google?
    • Yes
  • Will I lose my old email messages?
    • No, All messages will be transferred from Outlook to Gmail.
  • Can I continue to use One Drive.
    • No, all of your OneDrive files will be transferred to Google Drive (week of June 22, 2020). OneDrive files will be stored in the "Documents" folder of Google Drive. You should not store any new files in OneDrive, effective immediately.
  • Will I need to update my phone or iPad?
    • Yes, you will need to delete your School Exchange account from your mobile device and add a new account linked to your school Google Account.
    • You may also install the "Gmail" app on your device as an alternative to the built in Apple Mail app.
  • Why are some G Suite features no longer working or not available?
    • We are continuing to fine tune the system. If you have questions about a specific feature, send an email to
  • Can I still use Microsoft Office products?
    • Yes, but we recommend creating any new documents in Google. We will be discontinuing Microsoft products at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Where did my shared calendar go?
    • Events contained in shared calendars will be transferred to the Google Calendar, but you will need to re-share the calendar with the people you want to have access.