eLearning Makeup Day April 19

Published: April 1, 2019

Hello UCCC Family,

I hope everyone is well and found at least a little time with your child/children over the break!

I just wanted to share that the School Board has approved an eLearning make-up day for Friday, 4/19. We will then also be in session for a regular/traditional snow make-up day on Monday, 4/22, per our school calendar.

This is a little extra work for everyone involved. I wanted to thank you all in advance for your extra efforts. These efforts are important because based on our most recent survey almost 90% of our constituency supports eLearning for snow make-ups.

Please work specifically with the teachers and building administrator(s) specific to you and your students for any questions or accommodations you need. There may be a few tweaks on 4/19 based on the feedback we received from our first eLearning Day.

Thank you again, so much, for you continued support!


Christopher Winchell, Superintendent