eLearning Day Nov. 19, 2019

Published: November 16, 2019

UCCCJSD will conduct our first eLearning day for the year on Tuesday, November 19, to allow for our teachers to have a presence at the Statehouse in Indianapolis for legislative Organization Day. This means that students will not be physically attending school on Tuesday, November 19.

On November 19, Educators from across the state will be arriving in Indianapolis to communicate to Indiana Legislators the need for additional allocations of the state budget for teacher salaries. Many of our Union County College Corner teachers have planned to be present in Indianapolis on this day. We fully support our teachers and feel strongly about the need to allocate more funding toward education and for our teachers. As we prepare for this eLearning day, we will release more guidance for students and families. Feel free to contact your school’s office with questions.

eLearning - Parent: Frequently Asked Questions Document

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