Union County / College Corner Joint School District


UCMS Grade Levels & Departments

6th Grade

Mrs. Dannaker

Mrs. Fields

Mrs. Reece

Mrs. Reister

7th Grade

Mrs. Beiser

Mr. Bruns

Mrs. Graham

Miss Severance

8th Grade

Mrs. Crumley

Miss Estep

Mr. Gutzwiller

Mr. Whalbring


Mrs. Harvey

Health/Phy. Ed.

Mr. Gulley


Fine Arts

Mrs. Albright

Mrs. Persinger

Mr. Vogele



Mrs. Weaver





 “At the end of your lives you will not be judged by academic successes, the degrees or diplomas earned, the positions held, the material wealth acquired, or power and prestige, but rather on the basis of what you have become as persons and what you are in conduct and character.”

Howard W. Hunter

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