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Dear Parents:

The UCHS Parent Advocates is a new organization in the high school.  We have been invited, by the teachers and administrators, to participate in and help with making positive changes in the high school.  We will be giving our input in different areas of parent concern.  We will be volunteering our time in situations where needed. We will be a mentoring service to new parents coming into the school for the first time, and we will be available to help with any areas where the teachers or administrators feel we can be useful. 

We feel that this is a wonderful opportunity to create positive communication between all members of your son or daughter’s high school career team.  We invite you to be a part of this process by becoming a member of this organization!

The UCHS Volunteer parents are very excited to be working with the teachers and administrators.  Our hope is that this organization will become a permanent and integral part of the high school support system that ensures the success of every young adult who comes through these doors!

Please give of your time, thoughts and talents and become a member!

Thank You,

UCHS Parent Volunteer Group

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