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UCHS Academic Departments

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Miss. Dittemore


Mrs. Bolser

Mrs. McDaniel

Language Arts

Mrs. Barnhizer

Mrs. Dorrel

Mrs. Hill

Mr. Moses

Mr. Whalbring


Mrs. Brannon

Fine Arts

Mrs. Allbright

Mr. Vogele

Miss Hensley

Foreign Language

Mrs. Jones

Miss Worcester

Health/Phy. Ed.

Mr. Reister

Mrs. McDaniel

Industrial Technology

Mr. McDaniel


Ms. Back

Mr. Kelich

Mr. McCool

Mrs. Meier

Mrs. Shore




Mr. Harden

Mrs. O'Sullivan

Mr. Briggs

Mrs. Toschlog

Social Studies

Mr. Blessing

Mr. Brattain

Mr. Tafelski


Mrs. Toschlog





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