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LES Staff Contact Information


Name Position Email Phone Ext.
 Sourbeer, Kathy  Principal  ksourbeer@uc.k12.in.us  1408  
Adams, Jessica Fifth Grade Teacher jadams@uc.k12.in.us 1332  
 Adams, Sarah  Head Cook  saradams@uc.k12.in.us  1410  
 Ashbrook, Teresa  First Grade Teacher  tashbrook@uc.k12.in.us  1307  
 Bartos, Cathy  Art Teacher  mcbartos@uc.k12.in.us  1326  
 Beck, Jessica  First Grade Teacher  jbeck@uc.k12.in.us  1329  
 Bell, Nancy  Instructional Aide  nbell@uc.k12.in.us    
Bowers, Jayme Instructional Aide jayme.bowers@uc.k12.in.us    
 Carman, Tammy Instructional Aide   tcarman@uc.k12.in.us    
 Chambers, Lori  Instructional Aide  lchambers@uc.k12.in.us    
 Cox, Lisa  Clinic Aide  lcox@uc.k12.in.us  1403  
 Dishmond, Aimee  Instructional Aide  aimee.dishmond@uc.k12.in.us    
Dougherty, Kathryn  Title 1 Aide kathryn.dougherty@uc.k12.in.us    
 Dishmond, Cheryl  Custodian  cdishmond@uc.k12.in.us    
 Drudy, Tamara  Third Grade Teacher  tammy.drudy@uc.k12.in.us  1313  
 Frame, Avis  Cook  aframe@uc.k12.in.us    
 Frazer, Sherry  Instructional Aide  sfrazer@uc.k12.in.us    
 Fuller, Sue  Instructional Aide  tedroo@uc.k12.in.us    
 Gayhart, Lisa  Fifth Grade Teacher  lgayhart@uc.k12.in.us  1329  
 Gentry, Dara  Title 1 Aide  dgentry@uc.k12.in.us    
 Grissom, Theresa  Librarian  tgrissom@uc.k12.in.us  1405  
 Hensley, Erin  Kindergarten Teacher  ehensley@uc.k12.in.us  1300  
 Hill, Courtney  Title 1 Aide  courtney.hill@uc.k12.in.us    
 Hill, Rick  Head Custodian  rhill@uc.k12.in.us    
 Hollingsworth, Roxann  Title 1 Aide  roxann.hollingsworth@uc.k12.in.us    
 Holman, Jessica  Title 1 Aide  jholman@uc.k12.in.us    
 Jahosky, Tracy  Instructional Aide  trjahosky@uc.k12.in.us    
Killion, Bryanne  School Nurse bryanne.killion@uc.k12.in.us 1404  
 Kruthaupt, Paige  Fourth Grade Teacher  pkruthaupt@uc.k12.in.us  1318  
 Lawrence, Rita  Second Grade Teacher  rlawrence@uc.k12.in.us  1311  
 Logue, Vicky  Secretary/Records  vlogue@uc.k12.in.us  1407  
 McCashland, Jennifer  First Grade Teacher  jmccashland@uc.k12.in.us  1305  
 Migoski, Mandi  Music Teacher  mandi@uc.k12.in.us  1325  Class Web Page
 Paluch, Christine  Second Grade Teacher  cpaluch@uc.k12.in.us  1309  
 Patterson, Ross  Custodian  rpatterson@uc.k12.in.us    
 Ramey, Kathy  Cook  kramey@uc.k12.in.us    
 Reinhardt, Angela  Second Grade Teacher  areinhardt@uc.k12.in.us  1308  
 Richards, Jenny  Special Education Teacher  jrichards@uc.k12.in.us  1330  
 Rosenberger, Amie  Special Education Teacher  arosenberger@uc.k12.in.us  1304  
 Ross, Charlene  Technology Specialist  cross@uc.k12.in.us  1414  
 Ross, Karen  Third Grade Teacher  kross@uc.k12.in.us  1312  
 Rothgeb, Sue  Title I Teacher  srothgeb@uc.k12.in.us  1319  
 Sibert, Gayla  Cook  gsibert@uc.k12.in.us    
 Sorrell, Shelley  Custodian  ssorrell@uc.k12.in.us    
 Stinson, Virginia  Secretary/Treasurer  vstinson@uc.k12.in.us  1400  
 Sustarsic, Karen  Kindergarten Teacher  ksustarsic@uc.k12.in.us  1303  
 Tice, Lori  Social Worker  ltice@uc.k12.in.us  1335  
 Townsend, Amy  Third Grade Teacher  atownsend@uc.k12.in.us  1315  
 Treadway, Carrie  Physical Education Teacher  catreadway@uc.k12.in.us  1324  
 Turner, Jane  Speech Pathologist  jturner@uc.k12.in.us  1311  
 Wewe, Cheryl  Fourth Grade Teacher  cwewe@uc.k12.in.us  1316  





“A capacity, and taste, for reading, gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others. It is the key, or one of the keys, to the already solved problems. And not only so. It gives a relish, and facility, for successfully pursuing the [yet] unsolved ones.”

Abraham Lincoln


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