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College Corner Union School Staff

Name Position Email Phone Ext. Links
Simmons, Ryan
Principal ryan.simmons@uc.k12.in.us
Bartos, Cathy Art Teacher mcbartos@uc.k12.in.us 231  
Ball, Heather  3rd Grade Teacher  hball@uc.k12.in.us  236  
Bell, Debbie 2nd Grade Teacher dbell@uc.k12.in.us 243  
Brunner, Colleen Special Education Teacher colleen.brunner@uc.k12.in.us 240  
Bryson, Tanda 1st Grade Teacher tlbryson@uc.k12.in.us 239  
Burdine, Tina Kindergarten Teacher tburdine@uc.k12.in.us 207  
Chimenti, Grace Kindergarten Teacher gchimenti@uc.k12.in.us 204  
Collett, Diane Paraprofessional dmcollett@uc.k12.in.us    
Coveney, Kristina 3rd Grade Teacher kmcoveney@uc.k12.in.us 242  
Edwards, Mari Jo  Head Custodian mjedwards@uc.k12.in.us 212  
Elleman, Amanda Secretary aelleman@uc.k12.in.us 224  
Estridge, Mickey Cook mestridge@uc.k12.in.us    
Firsich, Emily Custodian  emily.firsich@uc.k12.in.us    
Frazee, Tammy Paraprofessional tfrazee@uc.k12.in.us    
George, Nora Secretary/Treasurer ngeorge@uc.k12.in.us    
Gray, Kayla 5th Grade Teacher kgray@uc.k12.in.us 232  
Haarmeyer, Maria Pre School Aide mhaarmeyer@uc.k12.in.us    
Hardin, Heather 5th Grade Teacher hhardin@uc.k12.in.us 234  
Hartley, Jean Paraprofessional jhartley@uc.k12.in.us    
Ingram, Frances Librarian fingram@uc.k12.in.us 229  
Irrgang, Charlene CCUS Nurse cirrgang@uc.k12.in.us 227  
Johnson, Caroline PE Teacher cjohnson@uc.k12.in.us 244  
Konkle, Mary Paraprofessional mary.konkle@uc.k12.in.us    
Migoski, Mandi Music Teacher mandi@uc.k12.in.us 216  Class Web Page
Molina, Jordan 1st Grade Teacher jmolina@uc.k12.in.us 202  
Patterson, Kolby Cafeteria Manager kpatterson@uc.k12.in.us  214  
Pinkerton, Kate Paraprofessional kpinkerton@uc.k12.in.us    
Robles, Kim Paraprofessional kim.robles@uc.k12.in.us    
Ross, Charlene Technology Specialist cross@uc.k12.in.us 233  
Rutherford, Ashley 2nd Grade Teacher arutherford@uc.k12.in.us 239  
Scheiner, Abby Paraprofessional abby.scheiner@uc.k12.in.us    
Strait, Jenny Paraprofessional jstrait@uc.k12.in.us    
Swafford, Yvonne Special Education Teacher yswafford@uc.k12.in.us 236  
Twadelle, Linda Speech/Language ltwadelle@uc.k12.in.us 228  
Welty, Katie 4th Grade Teacher kwelty@uc.k12.in.us 218  
West, Susan Cook swest@uc.k12.in.us    
Wolber, Tricia Title 1 Teacher tricia.wolber@uc.k12.in.us 230  
Yancey, Michelle 4th Grade Teacher myancey@uc.k12.in.us 238  


 “At the end of your lives you will not be judged by academic successes, the degrees or diplomas earned, the positions held, the material wealth acquired, or power and prestige, but rather on the basis of what you have become as persons and what you are in conduct and character.”

Howard W. Hunter

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