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HS Athletic Director - Ryan Overholt, roverholt@uc.k12.in.us, 765-458-5808

MS Athletic Director - Andy Brown, andy.brown@uc.k12.in.us, 765-458-7438

Athletic Trainer - Brian Hazen, brian.hazen@uc.k12.in.us

Baseball - Jeff Mathews, tech@uconline.com

Basketball (boys) - Jesse Moses, jmoses@uc.k12.in.us

Basketball (girls) - Scott Gray, sgray@uc.k12.in.us

Cheerleading - Kelsey Dare, myerskel3@gmail.com

Cross Country (boys and girls) - Alan Bell, apbell@peoplepc.com

Football - Joel Hofmann, joelbhofmann@gmail.com

Golf (boys and girls) - Tony Gulley, tgulley@uc.k12.in.us

Softball - Scott Gray, sgray@uc.k12.in.us

Soccer (boys) - Brian Nixon, brian68nixon@yahoo.com

Soccer (girls) - Brad Abbott, jabgabbott@aol.com

Tennis (boys) - Joshua Lone, joshulon@hotmail.com

Tennis (girls) - Anita Dannaker, adannaker@uc.k12.in.us

Track & Field (boys) - Rich Padgett, rpadgett@uc.k12.in.us

Track & Field (girls) - Alan Bell, apbell@peoplepc.com

Volleyball - Joe Pavey, jcp44@icloud.com

Wrestling - Dan Briggs, dbriggs@uc.k12.in.us

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